Best PC Games Coming in 2022

Best PC Games Coming in 2022

How will PC gaming change over the next year? We won’t know until 2022, but there are already plenty of games coming out that will take your breath away (or make you want to kill your computer, at least). We’ve compiled the best and most promising PC games of 2022 Read More

Forza Horizon 4 Honest Review (2021)

As a participant in the previous series, Forza Horizon 4 revolves around the fictional Horizon Festival, a noisy and youthful racing competition focused on youth. Lastly, he played as the organizer of the Horizon Festival in Land Down Under; in this case, he lives the life of Horizon by playing Read More

pubg vs cod mobile

PUBG vs COD Mobile

PUBG vs COD Mobile is the most awaited comparison ever. Both are some of the best games on the mobile platform. Both games have been very successful and may continue to do well.   The choice between the two games comes with a big difference between them. Some features may Read More

minecraft game review

Minecraft Game Review

No other video game has brought out my ingenuity like Minecraft. I spent many hours getting out of the blocks, collecting the necessary materials to complete the next art that would only catch the eye of my mind. I also spent countless hours researching, investigating, and hitting the ground running Read More


My squad hangs precariously from rappel traces on the home windows of a warehouse. A resistance organization has been undertaking troubling experiments at the premises, and it is time to close them down. Each breach factor has execs and cons. I assign my human-alien hybrid Cherub to the maximum risky Read More


This vivid, tricky city is without a doubt beautiful to appearance at. It’s a bustling sprawl of neon signs, roaming spotlights, enormous billboards, and hover automobiles scurrying to and fro among monolithic skyscrapers. If you have ever watched Blade Runner and needed you can get at the back of the Read More


Beyond Blue is a third-individual diving simulator that plunges you into the calm blues of the Western Pacific ocean. You slip into the soggy flippers of Mirai, a marine biologist who’s monitoring a pod of whales even as documenting numerous underwater creatures. Alongside a small group of scientists, Mirai research Read More


Timeline, which each my mind and pc regularly autocorrect to “timeline,” would’ve been taken into consideration indie elegant in 2008, however, its appearance is common today: A crisp, untextured global of proper angles. It’s attractive, however boring. The narrative is vague, sleepy, and suffering from iconography (a birdcage, a lock Read More


Death Stranding is first-rate while it shuts up. It is withinside the lengthy, quiet stretches among all this, while it is simply you trekking on my own throughout a stark, haunting post-apocalyptic wilderness, wherein it honestly shines. In those moments, Death Stranding is pretty in contrast to something I’ve ever Read More