PUBG vs COD Mobile

pubg vs cod mobile

PUBG vs COD Mobile is the most awaited comparison ever. Both are some of the best games on the mobile platform. Both games have been very successful and may continue to do well.


The choice between the two games comes with a big difference between them. Some features may appeal to a select group of players, but they may not be the best ones for others.


PUBG vs COD Mobile: 5 big differences you should know before downloading war games

Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile

1.   Gameplay

The gameplay for PUBG Mobile is slower compared to COD Mobile. Falling in tropical climates can bring players a quick encounter with teams, but that’s about what a player can find on PUBG Mobile.

The middle parts until late in the game require a lot of subtle and clever games, making the game slow.


COD Mobile is fast and full of action. There are many things in this game, including classes of weapons and rewards for killing like helicopters, which makes the game interesting.


BR mode for Call of Duty also takes less time than PUBG Mobile.

2.   Mode of the Games

PUBG mobile and COD Mobile offer several game modes.


PUBG has game-like modes like Classic, including original BR game mode, EvoGround, Team Deathmatch, dominance; and Arcade game mode, featuring Quick Match, Hardcore Mode, and War.


COD Mobile offers game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Domination, Search and Destroy, Gun Game, Sniper Only, Battle Royale, Blitz, etc.


Both games offer modes of their own taste. Players may prefer one over the other, depending on preferences.

3.   Weapons

Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile have real weapons in the game. However, the developers are designed to work differently.


In PUBG Mobile, players can use different categories of guns for different purposes. Example: A player can use SMG to shoot a long-range gun with the appropriate attachment.


In both of these games, you start with no guns, and getting a quick one is a priority. Here, the focus of Call of Duty on quick action is also evident. Powerful weapons are more readily available in CoD than PubG where at first you may find yourself running around a frying pan by hand. Apart from the congestion of weapons, however, the two games are quite similar when it comes to gear.

You can choose from a variety of rifles, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns. When it comes to different types of weapons, PubG has a crossbow while CoD has a few rocket launchers.

After all, each game also offers a host of accessories for your guns: stocks, handles, scales, extended chords, you name it! Attachments can improve gun accuracy or reduce noise to make it harder to find on a map. The scope, of course, let’s take a closer look, especially from a distance.


Throws are also plentiful. Learning the different types of bombs is what distinguishes high-level and extraordinary players. In addition to the standard frag, smoke, and stun bombs, CoD has four other variants, including one with toxic gas, while PubG offers a classic molotov cocktail.


Healing machines are available in both games for a variety of purposes, there is nothing really interesting here. You spend a few seconds bandaging or drinking energy and then jump back into combat.

This is not the case with COD Mobile, which guns can deliver if used improperly.


The return and shooting equipment is also different from both games and takes time to get used to.

4.   Graphics

PUBG Mobile looks realistic with a good amount of detail, but it lacks in comparison to the polished graphics of COD Mobile.

Both of these games have good graphics, but COD Mobile is full and looks great. When it comes to combat, PUBG offers 5 different maps and COD allows you to play one. However, some Call of Duty game modes and relevant maps are more fun to play and more detailed.


While both of these games require moderate specificity in order to function properly, COD seems to benefit the most from it.


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